what do you wear to a night club?

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what do you wear to a night club?

After a long work week its good to unwind get with friends and have a few drinks, not as many that'll have your girlfriend holding your hair up in the restroom and a order to uber to drive home lol. but its good to hear the latest music, laughs and see old friends. but to get to this social gathering what should you wear? and how much should you spend? well that depends on a number of things the occasion, the club venue and the frequency of your night life.

 I for one know women like to shop and its easy to rack up a hefty bill. also the mark up for clothing is outrages! lots of companies buy in bulk for cents or a couple dollars a piece. they may have low quality and a high price tag. locally is cool to find pieces for the night out but who likes going to a function or event or being in the club and seeing someone in the same outfit? it may have been cute to our moms that would dress us as our siblings but the majority of us did not see this as cute.

Online is a great place to find deals with great prices but where? common places will be shared in common spaces same dresses, same tops, same skirts, same heels,but you have to be careful about unknown stores looking to rip people off.  i can point out and give you a few reasons to check out www.loyallyeleganthighfashions.com we only sale quality items and only carry small amounts so not to many people will be carrying the same piece also we ship fast and we keep markups at the minimum some items priced as low as 4.99.

whew!! now that you know where to find what to wear to a night out what do you wear to a night club? there are many options a crop top, form fitting dress, nice bottoms and a sexy top. be aware it can get hot in a packed room so try to avoid jeans show some skin lol.

first do your hair if its been a while since you've went out so give yourself sometime to try something new to ensure it looks good throughout the night apply a product to keep the frizz down it can get pretty humid. 2). do your makeup enhance the features that you love if needed create depth and apply your foundation. focus on your eyes think of the look your going for simple mysterious feeling some kind of way for cat eyes? go for it Move on to your lips. Choose a bold shade if you kept your eye make up simple or go for a more subtle shade if your eye makeup is already bold or bright. Use lip liner or a lip pencil to keep your lipstick in place, or opt for a shiny lip gloss. lastly it may be tempting to match your make up with the outfit this can be to much of a match let it compliment your outfit.

plan ahead before you find a outfit and make sure the establishment doesn't have a dress code. DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHOW OFF YOUR ASSETS!  Think about the parts of the body you like the parts you  feel proud of and don’t mind showing off. Choose an outfit based on the parts of your body you aren’t afraid to flaunt and show some skin based on your comfort level. Remember ladies, you are dressing for yourself, before anyone else choose nice accessories above all who cares what people think look good feel good and never let anyone take you out of your element and don't let anyone kill your vibe.

Questions, ideas? What system works for you? Leave a comment below and lets discuss! 

thanks for stopping buy www.loyallyeleganthighfashions.com

             we appreciate you!

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