Natural Hair Dye - Natural Color Hair Wax

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Perfect for anyone who is looking for a change in their looks & style. Great for parties and costume matching.

Made from 100% All Natural Ingredients from plant extracts - No scalp irritation, Environmentally friendly & No harm to your health.

Guaranteed realistic and natural finish.

Easy coloring, Easy to wash, Strong with no damage and no stickiness.

Color: Gray, Purple, Red, White, Green, Gold, Blue


 The amount of hair mud must be moderate, so as to make the best hair color

 styling time should not be too long use a little more hair mud for longer hair styling,

Preferably a small amount of hair mud (fingertip dipped in it), put in palms of  hands with the two fingers, rubbing the hair roots, hair is best not to pull out or stretch, but should fluff with a  type of kneading!

Apply some hair wax, then pinch to any style you prefer.(the more wax you use, the much more  heavier color effect )

Styling spray is a plus for harder effect and longer lasting.

Wash hair to remove the wax with shampoo as normal.


After shampooing the hair towel dry , take the appropriate form by hand pulling tip applicator, shaping you can create a charming fashion hairstyle


 Medium setting, natural matte, natural odor clear, so active and energetic levels increase short hair, messy shape, clear lines and shapes, not greasy, easy to clean, even more light, hydrolysis ingredients make hair soft shape for easy cleanup a variety of shapes, for special effects makeup and everyday use