About us

  • Loyally Elegant is Working hard to bring a local business website to buy low priced women clothes worldwide w/ quality material and service w/competitive prices family owned and operated.
  • we sell the items we sell because we think its beautiful to be unique coming from a small town options on being such is limited same brands same style we like to be an offer unique an not with high mark ups or all about the dollar an not the customer shops.
  • were located in the heart of the us land of the wizard of oz in Kansas
  • we have been in business four years with this online shop were small and growing everyday from our above average service, quality, consistency, great pricing of goods, and fast shipping is how we plan to be represented.
  • we are not corporate bullies and don't  have sweat shops with underage workers working 20 hours a day we operate right in the USA with family working together. 
  • we have a team of all family happy to satisfy your every need.
  • can contact owner direct info@loyallyelegant.com or (316)518-3887 don't be surprised by an answer with a hello because we welcome you as a friend not just a customer! 
  • also follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for latest deals an events https://www.facebook.com/LoyallyElegant/ https://twitter.com/loyallyelegant.