Our Story

Hello my name is Michael Sexton Operational Manager at Loyally Elegant  

and this is my lovely soon to be wife shabree.

I was born and raised in Wichita, Ks in November of 1982. the oldest of 4 boys we didn't have much growing up. my brothers received hand me downs. and me being the oldest well i had to make it work lol. we lived at 640 n old manor Wichita, ks 67208 im sure google maps will show you a empty lot now because it was torn down because it was unlivable. we didn't have much but we had each other an that was more than some of the wealthiest families around had. i went to High school at Wichita South East  High school  

Where i started my first business


I started my first job at interactive teleservice communications "ITC" selling things over the phone to complete strangers but when i found a useful campaign like children books of the month club selling to child  expecting couples i found that when i cut the script that was provided and just be me i could actually listen and interact and eventually out of every employee I became a top hitter selling more than anyone in that campaign. which brings me back to my first business my dad was working 3 jobs to provide for us he slept maybe 2-3 hrs a day. our plumbing was was bad nothing drained nothing worked one day i took 50$ and bought an ounce of marijuana an broke it down to 10$ bags for resale  i made 80$ i continued to do that an began to buy  more and more i bought a fridge for the house no more hand me downs for my brothers and i helped out . until one day i found myself in some trouble i ended up in a correctional boot camp where i learned a lot about myself  and self discipline i learned that things you may think of as impossible is very possible long as you keep trying until you succeed. I learned fear is an obstacle that can kill you from achieving i came out of there a new person with new visions an a new outlook. i came home and searched for a job for 3 months i was a cook at a pizza restaurant and i loved it but i really loved the smiles id bring to the children when i bring them the best pizza a lot of them  would say the parents would tip me and wed chat get to know each other an soon they became regulars I later figured out that i was providing a high level of service you see i was only required to make the pizza and call the dine to the front counter person instead of the pizza sitting there I would just take it out myself i later became a shift manager then a assistant manager and every store i went to id meet a lot of great people an the sales would grow and grow. The internet i grew to gain interest in you can reach out an meet a lot of people so i began to learn about online shopping and how to start an online business i chose clothing because of my beautiful mother who is very strong willed an is currently fighting stage 4 colon cancer will take hrs to get dressed just to go to the store for 30 mins lol shes strong and beautiful so i created a brand for strong and beautiful women i'm thankful that she birthed a strong man an im thankful for learning to love first! now for the future i will continue to put my guest first an make new friends along the way i am constantly working to bring products that are useful.i will never abandon the things that i love . I listen and im growing because of my guest hard work and honesty will always pay off so any concerns or suggestion feel free to contact me at msexton@loyallyelegant.com Loyalty and love go hand to hand and that's why i'm loyal to myself and others thank you for stopping by Loyally Elegant welcome to our family 

Michael Sexton II