Magic Ion Anti-Aging Wrinkle Eraser

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 The latest in ion anti-aging cell stimulation with, dual ion smoothing technology.  Erase smile lines, and under eye aging by smoothing  away wrinkles with a safe and effective face lift. It works by the micro ion induction creating the electrical currents that increases energy in the cell as you would in a youthful state, It quickens the cell movement and metabolism awaking them, increasing a healthy flow and healthy look!  Use with a good natural anti-wrinkle cream and let the negative ions and leds introduce the nutrition deep into the circulating cells creating more flexibility and vigor.

*Smooth  wrinkles

*Improve eye contours

*Reduce dark circles

Application: Face
Size: 150 * 30 * 30mm
Power: Lithium battery (large capacity type)
Frequency: 360HZ / 600HZ
Function: IPL
Color: Silver double-headed beauty instrument