Magnetic Bae False Eyelashes

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'Click and Go' It's that easy!
Magnetic Lashes are a simple concept that will have you wondering why you haven't known about these your  whole life. Instead of fumbling around looking for nasty sticky glue, these lashes make it easy to have an instant voluminous lash in minutes that can be re-used over and over!
*doesnt pull out your real lashes 
natural looking
*no glue
Before you apply the eyelashes, trim the ends to fit your eyes. Magnetic False Eyelashes have extra length to accommodate all eye sizes! These Magnetic Lashes are placed over and under your natural lashes to create the appearance of beautiful full lashes!  

The Magnetic False Lashes sandwich your natural lashes between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds. And our unique, patent pending design makes lashes look long, thick, and luxurious while looking undeniably natural. This breakthrough solution works for people of all ages, ethnicitie, and fits any eye shape.