5 Fashion Trends Expected to Rule the Roost in 2017

5 Fashion Trends Expected to Rule the Roost in 2017


Fashion may be just another 7 letter word for some people but for those who love to be labelled as fashionable and trendsetter follow the fashion cycle closely. Fashion shows taking place in different fashion capitals like London, Milan, New York, and Paris are indeed precursors of things to come. The items of clothing worn by the models walking down the ramp may not be the cup of tea for women in their daily lives but they can certainly draw inspiration and create their own unique styles. Top designers of the world have already presented their latest collections for 2017. The following are some of the most interesting fashion garments expected to dominate not just the ramps of fashion shows but also the wardrobes of the fashion conscious women around the world.

  • Strong shoulders are back

  • Did you say retro when you saw the image? Yes, these jackets in bold colours and patterns will be back with a bang in the year 2017. These strong shouldered jackets, which were a rage during the 80’s and seen in music videos of George Michael, Michael Jackson, and Prince will be back in action with minor updates. Wear these jackets with your old denims. Do not forget accessories like a black goggle and latest chains and pendants.


  • Shirt style dresses

  • If supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Giselle Bundchen walking down the ramps of fashion shows sporting different style of shirt dresses are any indication, the year 2017 will see a boom in shirt style dresses for women. You must have worn the classic long shirt a few years ago. But the trend this year will be on different cuts and patterns to make these shirt style dresses hot and very feminine.https://www.loyallyeleganthighfashions.com/products/loyally-elegant-skull-print-tshirt-dress


  • Popularity of stripes will increase in 2017

  • Stripes, even though they are seen more on shirts for men, will be seen in women’s apparels more and more in the year 2017. Stripes are fascinating, feel the designers, and they have proverbial 9 lives of a cat. From shots to tops and from trousers to flares, you will find stripes in different interesting patterns on women’s garments this year.


    Athlete inspired look

  • More and more women will be seen displaying a sporty look in the year 2017 through their garments. Such an athletic look will make its strong comeback in this year. The dresses that will be a part of this sporty look are denim skirts, gym shorts, suede leather leggings, check trousers, cotton jackets, and polo neck T-shirts. These sporty dresses will become very popular because of their lazy elegance and ease of wear.



    In addition to these trends in 2017, there will also be many styles that will make their way out gracefully in the year 2017. Let us take a look at the outgoing fashion styles.

  • Tight fitting jeans is on its way out

  • Skin fit jeans ruled supreme for so many years and it remained the number one choice of the fashion conscious women around the world. But all indications are that this fit will slowly move out of fashion and make way for many other contrasting denim styles.


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