Fashion Nova Is Our Motivation

Fashion Nova Is Our Motivation

Fashion Nova is everywhere how can you not see them? Fashion Nova is trending world-wide. With searches coming in from the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, And the United States. It's no wonder why they grew to being a booming 600 staff member's in just three years.

Cardi B Is The Fashion Nova Queen

Fashion Nova has recruited thousand's of social media influencers, Rappers, & Reality stars. Cardi B has helped Fashion Nova grow to over 10.6 million followers on instagram. "they got something right"  Cardi B says talking about Fashion Nova. She goes on to say that she likes Gucci, Versace, And Louie but she says when she raps you gonna hear about Fashion Nova. 

 Cardi B wants girls that can't afford designer to know Fashion Nova is a way to look fashionable for less. She goes on by saying out of all the high end designer's none of their jeans can fit that ass. Fashion Nova is one of the only things that can just fit her body. That ass  its real its true it's what women look for when they try on a pair of jeans. the ass check where they look and see how it looks in a pair of jeans, Leggings, or a dress. You can not read this and honestly say no you have not done it and seen how that ass looks in the mirror before to make your decision on wear or not to wear.

                  Fashion Nova's Style

Going back to that ass thoo : ) Fashion Nova says its body-con brand has been built by obsessing over what people are wearing on social media. from the models to endorsers like Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, And Cardi B they all are influencer's with a strong social media following & They all got that ass tho lol. kylie-jenner-fashion-nova-jeans 


Photos are all over Instagram curvaceous women squeezed into body hugging clothing, How can you not be a fan of the clothing and how cute their butt looks in them? So We at Loyally Elegant  have been very inspired by Fashion Nova. We appreciate our customers, we appreciate the style, the originality of women. From the petite, to the thick woman wanting to flaunt beautiful curves we have something for everyone.

          Fashion Nova Customer Service Hours

Fashion Nova can be reached at 1-800-866-0286 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM PST. One thing we wanted to research before celebrity endorsements and Instagram fame is customer service. Being large or small customer service should always come first. make it easy where customers can reach you and track your order. We seen over 5,000 reviews on site jabber here. They have a 3.8 out of 5 stars which isn't so bad when you are so large. people say there is a lot of negatives but that is tea for someone else to write about or tell us an the readers below about your Fashion Nova experience.

                                     Loyally Elegant

Tips & learning from other is not  wrong however, At Loyally Elegant we want to be known for being loyal to our customers & our brand. We want every woman every shape, Color, And size to be Confident, Comfortable Loyal to they're own self. We want you to be you and do you. we want you to do so without breaking your pockets. we want to have you in the latest trends with great prices from our dresses to our leggings, To our beauty products we want you to slay some shit and don't look at others as our rivals but our idols.


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